How it works

Discover the simplicity of our process in just a few easy steps. From booking to driving, we make your experience seamless and stress-free car rental Dubai car catalogue

Pick the car you love and book in a few clicks

Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and many  more

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Add a payment card to account

Add a payment card to your account, and enjoy the convenience of having your rental amount automatically charged to the attached credit card
Anydrive car rental in Dubai

Tailor your ride

Filter and choose the car that suits your preferences best
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Track your journey

Access your transaction history for a detailed overview of your rental experiences and payments within the app

Simple and paperless sign-up process

Upload documents once and for all through the app

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Take pictures of your documents through the app

Simply follow the app's instructions to capture photos of your driver's license, ID document (passport or ID card), and a quick selfie for a hassle-free process
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Digital signature

Streamline your rental experience by effortlessly signing agreements within our app before your rental commences
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Security check

Before starting your rental, a quick and secure step involves taking a selfie as an additional verification measure car rental UAE registration process car rental Dubai car card

Use your phone to unlock your car

Unlock your car with your phone, log any damages through the app, and hit the road

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Initial Damage Report:

When you reach your rental car, our app will walk you through a transparent process to report any existing damage. Snap a few pictures if necessary, ensuring clear communication between you and Anydrive about the vehicle's condition
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Drive and enjoy

Formalities done, it's time to hit the road! Your Anydrive rental promises a seamless driving experience, ensuring you reach your destinations with ease
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Return & Final Damage Report

As your journey concludes, return the car with Home Zone indicated in the app. Utilize the app to complete a final damage report, ensuring a clear record of the vehicle's condition post-rental
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Transaction history - Anydrive car rental
Transaction history - Anydrive car rental
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Your car,
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Experience the convenience of having your car delivered when and where you need it

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